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Hana Jewellery - a perfect gift for your valentine

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

Attentions !Hana Studio is going to this big news to all our friends!

After hosting the pearl jewellery DIY workshop,our favourite accessory became pearl jewellery .We love pearls because they are simple and eternal, gentle but blooming.

Legend has it that pearls are transformed from the tears left by the mermaid .

Inspired by Li Shangyin's poem, "The moon shines on the sea, pearls look like tears" we found the moon in the jewel - Moonstone

Hana Moonstone

We selected the first-class moonstones and pearls and proudly present our exclusive designs for Hana Jewelry.

Necklace Collection

Hana’s Favourite_01

【Tears left by the mermaid

SGD 68

4mm freshwater pearl + 14k gold necklace,Adding to our carefully designed moonstone that hangs down and shines, this necklace is even more distinctive.The necklace can be adjusted in length and can be used as a clavicle chain or as a chocker to match different garments.

Hana’s Favourite_02

【Classic starry sky】

SGD 68

5-6mm freshwater pearl + 14k gold necklace, the classic starry design is simple but gorgeous, whether it is dating or going to work, it is very suitable, you can easily catch the attention of others.

Earring Collection

Earrings match your unique necklace best!

《Elegance 》

【Earrings | 01-03】

SGD 48

Material: Superior Fritillaria, Round pearl, Gold injection line.


【Earrings | 04-06】

SGD 48

Material: The best freshwater droplet type pearl, No allergy to gold injection line.


【Earrings | 07-09】

SGD 48

Material: Superior Fritillaria Zircon Moonstone Freshwater Pearl, No allergy to gold injection line.

Hana’s Benefits Time:

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Facebook: Hana Studio 花影工作室

Hana Studio - Wedding

Instagram: hana_studio_sg

1. MIX 2 pairs of earrings @SGD 5 OFF

2. Necklace &Any earrings @SGD 10 OFF

3. Self delivery and free delivery in logistics

4.Everyone who buy Hana’s Accessories,Get 1 FREE photo with professional editing ONLY on 17th August

To order or book a session, please kindly sms/whatsapp 8317 3730 or WeChat icho1130.


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